Technology Usage Inside The Classroom


                                            Technology in classroom 

I think smart-phones particulary should be of some use in the classrooms. Smart-phones give uses such as calculators, dictionarys, and even ways to contact teachers. There are over 4 billion apps on the apple store and 15% off witch are educational apps which is approximately160,000,000 million educational apps. Students will also be able to have access to ibook or other books they can read in class and can get there books they need for school on there phone instead of school. they are allot cheaper on you’re ipod/iphone. Study’s show that 76.6% of students pay more attention if technology is at use. Plus students tend to pay more attention when they are intrested and think the subject is fun and everyone know’s technology is fun.

According to Researcher Neilson Patterson, smartphone sales continue to soar and 55.5% of all mobile subscribers now use smart-phones. This is a 15% increase in just a year.74% of young adults age 25-34 now on smart-phones also up about 15% from a year ago.